6-chörige Barockgitarre nach Jean Voboam
6-course baroque guitar after Jean Voboam

string length 66 cm, stringing: 6 x 2

baroque guitar with flat back of 5 flamed maple ribs with dark spacers
4 rosewood ribs with bright spacers for sides
soundboard alpine spruce
parchment rosette in 5 deep tiers
fingerboard ebony
neck and pegbox veneered with ebony

additional reqest:
fine tuning pegs, 3 pickcup with 6,3 mm jack inside the end buttom

tuning eE-aA-d'd-gg-bb-e'e' (Other tuning is available any time).

this example: 3478 Euro incl. VAT (19%)

fitted case: look at Etuipreise

You will find instrument straps here Zubehör

6-ch. Barockgitarre nach J. Voboam