Renaissancelaute, 10-chörig, nach Magnus Tieffenbrucker, Venedig 1612
renaissance lute, 10-course, after Magnus Tieffenbrucker, Venedig 1612

Based on a original of a 7-course lute after Magnus Tieffenbrucker, Venice 1612, Museo Civico Bologna (No.1753)

String length 62,5 or 65 cm
stringing 1 x 1 + 9 x 2
(other lenght on request)

25 ribs of flammed maple with spacers
soundboard alpine spruce
fingerboard pear with ebony, with extra charge completely ebony
neck and pegbox veneered with ebony
(Other version after consultation.)

tuning in G or F (Other tuning is available any time).

from this example: 3255 Euro incl. VAT (19%)

fitted case: look at Instrument cases

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10-chörige Renaissancelaute nach Magnus Tieffenbrucker