Renaissancelaute, 10-chörig, nach Magnus Tieffenbrucker, Venedig 1612
renaissance lute, 10-course, after Magnus Tieffenbrucker, Venice 1612

Based on a original of a 7-course lute after Magnus Tieffenbrucker, Venice 1612, Museo Civico Bologna (No.1753)

String length 65 cm
stringing 1 x 1 + 9 x 2
(other lenght on request)

25 ribs of flammed maple with spacers
soundboard alpine spruce
fingerboard pear with ebony, also completely ebony possible
neck and pegbox veneered with ebony

tuning in G or F (Other tuning is available any time).

prices (without stringing):
3603 Euro incl. VAT (19%)
3028 Euro without VAT / out of the EU

Article with delivery time.

fitted case: look at Instrument cases

10-chörige Renaissancelaute nach Magnus Tieffenbrucker