Renaissancelaute, 6- oder 7-chörig, nach Hans Frei
renaissance lute, 6- or 7-course, after Hans Frei

Design after an instrument from Hans Frei, Nuremberg c. 1500

String length 54 cm (other lenght on request)

6-course stringing 1 x 1 + 5 x 2
7-course stringing 1 x 1 + 6 x 2

11 ribs fruit wood with dark spacers
soundboard alpine spruce
fingerboard pear
neck and pegbox veneered with hardwood

tuning in A or G (Other tuning is available any time).

2251 Euro incl. VAT (19%)
1892 Euro without VAT / out of the EU
2301 Euro incl. VAT (19%)
1934 Euro without VAT / out of the EU

7-course instrument (used) available as shown below.
Price includes case and instrument strap:
1.980 Euro incl. MwSt. (19%)

References to the instrument (6-course)

fitted case: look at Instrument cases

You will find instrument straps here Accessories

7-chörige Renaissancelaute nach Hans Frei