Mezzo-Colascione, Colasciontino MIR912
Mezzo-Colascione, Colasciontino MIR912

Original in Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nuremberg MIR912

string length 73 cm, stringing 3 x 1, length over all 92 cm

15 ribs pear with dark spacers
soundboard alpine spruce
fingerboard ebony

tuning G-c-f or G-d-a or G-g-d' (Other stringing are available any time)

1850 Euro incl. VAT (19%)
1554 Euro without VAT / out of the EU

1 instrument ready to sell.

fitted case: look at Instrument cases

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Hier können Sie einen Artikel von mir zum Mezzo-Colascione lesen:
SCHOSSIG Dieter: Der Colascione - eine Langhalslaute des 17./18. Jh, Großmehring 2010
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Colascione Colascione